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Archive - Jan 2011

January 27th

Athens will host the Special Olympics

27 January 2011 / 18:01:47  
150 days before the official opening ceremony of the biggest sports event for people with intellectual disabilities the Greek Organizing Committee held a sponsors’ conference to present the course of preparation.

Illegal immigrants remain in the Law School; the rector’s office and the government are just shifting responsibilities

27 January 2011 / 15:01:29  
Hours after the occupation of one of the buildings of the Athens Law School by 237 illegal immigrants the competent ministers and state authorities began to shift the responsibility for solving the problem.

The government stepped back from unpaid taxes jail

27 January 2011 / 13:01:03  
George Papandreou's government is ready to impose not so stringent measures on unfair tax debtors and to withdraw the criminalization of tax evasion

The National Bank of Greece donated 1.5 million euros for new electronic health insurance system

27 January 2011 / 12:01:51  
Electronic prescribing facilitates the flow of information between health funds, pharmacists and GPs.

Terrorist suspects arrested, Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei defenders do not leave the trial

27 January 2011 / 10:01:11  
The arrested and the second men are probably of those four wanted for involvement in the terrorist organization Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, one of them of Albanian origin. The four wanted are defendants in the trial that began about a week ago under strict security measures

January 26th

Reporters in Times of Riots

26 January 2011 / 20:01:07  
Social unrest in Greece does not subside and is often accompanied by massive street riots. The world learns about them from us, the reporters, who breathe tear gas, stoop to avoid the next flying stone, pass by burning trash bins. What does it mean to be a reporter during riots – here are our team’s impressions.

A network for baby-trafficking from Bulgaria to Greece was smashed

26 January 2011 / 15:01:01  
After eight months of operation codenamed The Babies the Greek and Bulgarian authorities smashed a network for infants trading which exploited poor women of Roma origin. Arrested are seven people in Greece and five in Bulgaria. They are charged of participation in a criminal organisation and abduction of minors, but other group members are wanted too.