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Archive - Aug 2011

August 31st

It is difficult for the Greek media to adapt to the digital age

31 August 2011 / 18:08:03  
Information on the Internet is instantaneous and is updated almost in real time unlike the print one, which in most cases reflects the event a day after it has happened.

The Troika’s inspections are strictly confidential

31 August 2011 / 15:08:21  
The Greek government gives strictly controlled information about the attitudes of the supervisors. They are not currently satisfied with the pace of implementation of the recovery program and require bold costs cuts and implementation of the planned reforms.

Football mobsters beat plain-clothes policemen

31 August 2011 / 13:08:47  
Six policemen were hospitalized after a secret operation to capture a local racketeer who "protected" the nightclubs in the Athens suburb of Oropos.

August 30th

Branch organizations dissatisfied with the government

30 August 2011 / 19:08:25  
Prime Minister George Papandreou met the leaders of professional organizations to hear their demands before the traditional International Fair in Thessaloniki. The impressions from the meeting could be summarized in the saying "Dogs bark but the caravan goes on."

Alpha Eurobank fired Greece with enthusiasm

30 August 2011 / 17:08:50  
The merger of the two financial institutions is followed by rumours of merger between the National Bank of Greece and Piraeus Bank, telecommunication giants admit they are preparing to merge too.

August 29th

Alpha Eurobank plans 13% market share in Bulgaria

29 August 2011 / 17:08:23  
Asked by GRReproter, "What are the consequences of the merger on your representations in Bulgaria and the other countries in the region?" the co-CEO of the new banking consortium Dimitris Mantsounis (Alpha Bank) stressed that the banks have no intention to reduce their presence on the local banking market.

Who are the men behind Eurobank and Alpha Bank?

29 August 2011 / 13:08:50  
Spiros Latsis (EFG Eurobank) and Yannis Kostopoulos (Alpha Bank) manage banks that are not just their profitable business but part of the family heritage, for which they are responsible, which they protect and even have increased over the year. Their merger means that the country is in serious danger indeed.