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Archive - Jan 15, 2011

Economist: Time has come for restructuring of the debt

15 January 2011 / 17:01:40  
The edition came out with an article "Time has come for Plan B". Analysts are positive that the rescue package of 110 billion euros didn't have the desired effect and it only won some time for the european leaders. The rehabilitation of Greece will not get away without debt restructuring.

Retailers and clients are optimistic about the seasonal discounts

15 January 2011 / 15:01:51  
All look forward to 15th January, when some will try to increase the volume of their sales by placing a variety of promotions, while others will have the chance to get clothes, shoes, furniture and all kinds of goods craved for a long at lower prices.

Greek government is planning a "smoking" tax

15 January 2011 / 13:01:52  
New measures to ban smoking will announce the Greek government next week. According to them smoking will be permitted in establishments where alcohol is served primarily.

Fitch lowered the credit rating of Greece

15 January 2011 / 12:01:54  
Its government bonds are in the category of BB + and investments in them are considered to be speculative, Ministry of Finance: "There are no objective reasons for the assessment of Fitch"

Strikes of the transport seized – the patience of the citizens is running out

15 January 2011 / 11:01:45  
The steam from the pressure is let out between the unions of employees of public transport and the government, after the Minister of Transport Dimitris Repas invited them to the table of negotiations. "Our goal is for citizens to be better served, and therefore we want an improvement in the means for public transport. We support the public nature of the public transport organizations and we keep the right to work of all employees. Our goal is common, as is common the responsibility" the minister said.