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Archive - Jan 2011

January 29th

The Mediterranean Games withdrawn from Volos and Larisa

29 January 2011 / 11:01:50  
The news broke out unexpectedly after the end of the extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games on Friday, January 28, 2011 in Paris.

Immigrants have been preparing for months for the landing in the Faculty of law and the hunger strike

29 January 2011 / 10:01:53  
The 250 immigrants and activists who support them are now housed in a building on the central Patision Blvd. The owner of the building gave most of the first floor, basement and stairs to the second floor, but the toilets are locked. "The City Council in Athens made provisions for chemical toilets, which are located in the yard of the building. Inside there is heating and electricity but no water.

January 28th

Chrysohoidis: Bulgaria can not be compared to Greece - we have been in the European Union for 20 years

28 January 2011 / 14:01:59  
It is inappropriate to compare the Bulgarian or Albanian tax system to the Greek one. They have no common basis for comparison and 10% flat tax rate is not applicable to a developed country like Greece. This was stated by the Minister of Regional Development and Competitiveness Michalis Chrysohoidis.

Immigrants and authorities have agreed about Law School leaving but it did not happen

28 January 2011 / 12:01:52  
The spokesman of the groups supporting the illegal immigrants said that the owner of the building on Patision Avenue withdrew from the agreement that had been reached earlier about the immigrants to finally leave the building of the Law School.

The action at the Law School ended peacefully

28 January 2011 / 09:01:36  
The illegal immigrants left the university building around 3 o’clock at night in the discrete presence of numerous police forces and under the watchful eye of three prosecutors.

January 27th

Immigrants reluctant to move from the Law School

27 January 2011 / 20:01:26  
A meeting of the immigrants was held in the afternoon in the lobby of the Law School to decide whether to move to the building on Patision Avenue which meets hygiene requirements. A meeting was held yesterday between the Dean and four NGOs - the Red Cross, Doctors of the World, Regional Development and Mental Health Company and Mission Together. Along with the University of Athens they decided which building would be suitable for the strike of the 250 immigrants and agreed to take care of their moving.

Police action at the Athens Law School

27 January 2011 / 19:01:27  
The 300 illegal immigrants who occupied the building of the Law Scholl and mad a camp in the halls some day ago will be taken out of it any minute. The operation is carried out under prosecutorial supervision, reports Anastasia Balezdrova from the spot.