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Interview with Kristalina Georgieva

Interview with Kristalina Georgieva - European Commissionеr for the Budget and Human Resources
maria | 08:02 | 04 Feb 16

The collapse of the last Soviet republic in Europe

On 25 January 2015 the radical left won the elections in Greece for the first time. Over 10 million Greeks opened a new page in the history of the country.
maria | 15:01 | 21 Jan 16


GRReporter | 08:09 | 17 Sep 15

The murder of 4-year-old Ani Borisova

The tragic fate of little Ani is unprecedented in both the Greek and the world police chronicle.

maria | 06:05 | 26 May 15

Golden Dawn in the Dock

The trial against the leaders and members of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn started in a specially arranged hall of the women's wing of Korydallos prison. 

maria | 14:04 | 26 Apr 15

Spring in Tinos

A short photo walk in the beautiful Cycladic island in April
maria | 13:04 | 16 Apr 15

Alexander the Great Superstar

One of the biggest names in world history, that of Alexander the Great, comes to life on stage as a rock opera star in the super production of the State Theater of North Greece
maria | 14:03 | 23 Mar 15

Afterlife in the Museum

The only thing certain in life is death, the ancient Greeks believed. They associated it with their fears, faith, but also with their hope for afterlife. "Death and Afterlife in Ancient Greece" is the subject of the latest exhibition of the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens.

maria | 19:02 | 17 Feb 15

SYRIZA - the expectations

On 25 January 2015 the Coalition of the Radical Left won the parliamentary elections in Greece.
For the first time in the recent Greek history, a party that does not associate itself with the political centre and defines itself as radical has come to power in a democratic way.

maria | 20:02 | 15 Feb 15

Oratniza: The BulgarBeat

GRReporter | 11:01 | 21 Jan 15

Tips from the time of Hippocrates

Until the end of May 2015, the halls of the Cycladic Art Museum in Athens will present the exhibition "Health, Illness, Treatment in ancient Greece." More than 300 ancient artefacts from 41 museums in Greece, France, Italy and the UK will show visitors how, in ancient times, people maintained the body and mind sound, and how they treated diseases.
maria | 14:01 | 04 Jan 15

Greeks in Brazil

GRReporter | 12:12 | 17 Dec 14

One Bulgarian violinist in Brazil

GRReporter | 16:11 | 27 Nov 14

The Mystery of Amphipolis

Archaeologists have recently discovered a skeleton and we will soon find out who the noble deceased buried in Amphipolis is. Is he Alexander the Great of Macedonia? Is she his beautiful wife Roxanne or her mother Olympia? Or is he one of his famous generals? The mystery of Amphipolis will soon be revealed.
maria | 15:11 | 19 Nov 14