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Archive - Oct 2011

Tax authorities draw a bead on Greek deposits in Switzerland

31 October 2011 / 22:10:44  
According to some estimates, Greek deposits in Swiss banks reach 200 billion euros. Tax authorities will inspect 1,700 property owners who they think have invested most of the undeclared income in real estate.

Papandreou announced a referendum and asked for a vote of confidence for the new debt contract

31 October 2011 / 22:10:29  
Minutes after the speech of the Greek Prime Minister, the opposition leader Antonis Samaras requested to meet President Karolos Papoulias.

October 31st

Greek bankers furious at Papandreou

31 October 2011 / 21:10:01  
Cutting the face value of Greek bonds by at least 50% as part of the solution to the debt crisis has caused a serious split between the Greek bankers and the Greek government. The fate of CDS is not clear yet.

In 2012, Greek media will remain with only half of the staff

31 October 2011 / 20:10:44  
The elimination of collective and the introduction of individual bargaining, combined with layoffs in some media are threatening the professional future of many of their employees, said the participants in a conference organized by the Athens Journalists Union.

Greek visit to Sofia to clarify Burgas - Alexandroupolis issues

31 October 2011 / 16:10:44  
Deputy Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change Ioannis Maniatis is willing to clear the unclear points concerning the joint project in order to start working on it.

"Graffiti is associated with travelling and exploring the world"

31 October 2011 / 15:10:21  
Μanos Iliopoulos, known also as rtmone, a street artist and a member of the graffiti society, is putting aside the paints and sprays to show us a world filled with colours, emotions and spontaneity, where walls are turning into paintings and artists are young people with colourful dreams.

150 000 servants laid off in 2012, 550 000 will keep their jobs in the bankrupt country

30 October 2011 / 23:10:37  
After cutting the debt the government decided to proceed with unprecedented and profound structural changes in the public sector, as required in the special report of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development