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Archive - Jan 8, 2011

Venus and the Moon define our intimate and sexual life

08 January 2011 / 19:01:23  
There are six basic archetype of how we accept the other, how do we allow him in our life.

Civil engineers are also against the liberalization of the labor market

08 January 2011 / 14:01:43  
They warn that the safety of the construction will be affected and the state will lose money. They don't want for the people who have graduated technical schools to have the same working rights as them. The future which the profession is facing is dark.

Greek drivers refuse to pay toll fees, companies concessionaires are looking for a way to collect the lost revenues

08 January 2011 / 11:01:00  
According to some estimates 60% of the drivers when they arrive at the situated on the road cash desks they get down from their cars, raise the barriers themselves and continue their journey without paying.