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Archive - Jan 6, 2011

In Athens Roman water basin was blessed on Epiphany

06 January 2011 / 17:01:39  
The Christian feast of Epiphany was celebrated with water blessing in the central Kolonaki district in Athens. In contrast to the customs in which young people dive into the water to take the Cross and "win" the blessing, the mayor took the ribbon and pulled the Cross out.

New pop idol was born from the Last Summer hit

06 January 2011 / 11:01:38  
This summer the hit Last Summer was constantly on the radio, we listened to it in the clubs, on the radio and watched it on TV and no one could believe at first that the singer is Greek. And if almost no one remembered the boy that took the third place in Super Idol 2004 until this year Nikos Ganos is already super famous and considered to be the new idol of pop/dance stage in Greece.

‘Brakes’ on public transport in Athens from Monday on

06 January 2011 / 10:01:35  
The form of the protests starting Monday is to be decided at a general meeting between the transport trade unions, said the chairman of the union of underground workers Nikos Kouloumbaritsis. Another unionist said the strikes could continue throughout the whole week from Monday to Friday, MEGA TV announced.

Roma child died in a crash with a police motorcycle, enraged Roma attacked a train with stones in protest

06 January 2011 / 09:01:19  
Violent clashes between Roma and police began in the Athens suburb of Menidi in the early afternoon. The reason for them was the death of a 7-year-old girl from the neighbourhood that died in hospital after a police officer hit him with his police motorcycle.