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Archive - Jan 22, 2011

The Sun and Mars define how we give to the others in the world around us

22 January 2011 / 17:01:10  
We humans possess a perfect and flawless organic "give and take " mechanism. At the moment when we "accept" the other we automatically switch on to "give" to him.

Doctors don’t know how the healthcare law will be applied

22 January 2011 / 14:01:04  
Hospitals need more doctors and for the health care applies the scheme 1/5 – for every five people who left their place of work only one is assigned, said in an interview for the member of the Administrative Board of the Athens Medical Association Sotiris Kaliambakos. Medics are not aware of how the new law will be applied and announced that they would take action. Explain to me what will be the effect of the merger of hospitals and why did you claim to be against it?

Civil movement “I do not pay” is growing and it promises to lift all barriers

22 January 2011 / 12:01:41  
The civil movement "we do not pay", which became known for refusing to pay tolls drags like an avalanche the Greek society. Very soon, representatives of the movement, which continues its actions at the road cash desks will begin protests against the increase in fares for public transport