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Archive - Feb 2010

February 20th

It seems that 2010 will be a difficult year for the private insurance

20 February 2010 / 21:02:38  
The small companies are in risk of bankruptcy, the big ones account for profits, there is no decision yet not for the working ones, not for the people insured in Aspis Pronoia

Say no to racism

20 February 2010 / 19:02:20  
Hundreds of immigrants and Greeks gathered at the Omonia square in Athens in the Saturday afternoon in order to express their protest against racism

When the wolf has to be fed and the sheep has to be whole

20 February 2010 / 17:02:59  
and how does the win win situation looks like in its Balkan version

How to learn to speak Greek

20 February 2010 / 11:02:01  
Angel Kabakchiev comments on the options which could help us learn the language of the oldest written tradition in the world

A victory of Panionios over PAOK

20 February 2010 / 10:02:50  
After its loss against the team of Vasas the men team in water polo of Panionios scored a series of victories within the country.

Papakonstantinou: The International Monetary Fund is the last hope for Greece

20 February 2010 / 10:02:47  
This statement of the minister of finances supports the opinion of the famous professor in economics Nouriel Roubini - a supporter of the idea that "more than anything else Greece needs the help of the IMF".

February 19th

Greenpeace Greece: Greece must decrease harmful emissions in the atmosphere with 30% by 2020

19 February 2010 / 20:02:06  
"We need a more modern Europe that will pressure and initiate a bold and effective negotiation meeting in December in Mexico," said Dimitris Ibraim - responsible for energy issues in the Greek office of Greenpeace.