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Archive - Feb 26, 2010

GRR HOT 15 looking forward to Eurovision 2010

26 February 2010 / 16:02:15  
Hello GRR HOT 15 friends! This weekend is very special because on Sunday Bulgaria will vote for a Eurovision 2010 song!

A Greek politician asked for a compensation for the damages caused by the World War two

26 February 2010 / 13:02:58  
The deputy chairman of the Greek government Teodoros Pangalos asked in an interview for BBC the Germans to pay compensation to Greece for the damages caused during the World War two. The Greek government rushed to demarcate itself form the statements of Mr. Pangalos.

Aerosmith and Rammstein announced the dates for the concerts in Athens

26 February 2010 / 12:02:38  
Aerosmith will play at the Olympic Stadium in Athens on June 20th. In the summer also confirmed their shows in various festivals Marc Almond, The Cranberries and Rammstein.

Supervisors decided to close Commercial Value

26 February 2010 / 11:02:34  
Because its members are resigning and are performing their duties until the appointment of new members, their decision must be confirmed by the Ministry of Finance.

Gold medal for Vassiliki Vougiouka in the World championship in Budapest

26 February 2010 / 11:02:58  
The gold medal of Vassiliki Vougiouka is the first gold medal in the history of the Greek fencing.

EasyStelios: More dangerous than the government monopoly is the private monopoly

26 February 2010 / 10:02:34  
If the government and the European commission approve the merger, they have to revise the tenders for the internal destinations.

The team of Panathinaikos in the Top 16 of the Euro league

26 February 2010 / 09:02:31  
An epic victory of Panathinaikos over the team of Roma opened a golden page in the history of the greens. Their qualification in the Top 16 of the Euro league spread the wings of their dreams for further successes in the Euro league...