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Archive - Jul 2010

July 31st

Millitary cisterns and private owners, protected by the police supply the market with gasoline

31 July 2010 / 15:07:28  
The nave is taking care of the supply with food and essencial products for the islands

GRR HOT 15: Summer music breeze

31 July 2010 / 09:07:45  
Hello, music lovers. It is Friday again and once again it is time for a dose of good music. Our chart this week really has some huge, unexpected and quite unpredictable twists. That, of course, is because you were quite active during the past seven days. Apparently there are a lot of U2 fans among you and our game is provoked you to show your preferences among the songs in GRR HOT 15.

July 30th

Military Apachi Helicopter Crashed, Both Pilots Perished

30 July 2010 / 17:07:28  
Officially the cause of the tragic accident is not known, but it is believed that the crash was due to mechanical failure. The military prosecutor ordered an investigation.

Houses in the Horoscope

30 July 2010 / 17:07:13  
In a series of articles I will present the topic of houses in the horoscope. I have already mentioned them so far. I will give a brief description of the meanings of houses as they have leading significance in defining the tasks of each planet and, hence, what this planet is expected to “benefit” or “destroy”. I’ve already mentioned that naturally the planets are conditionally divided into good and maleficent. This division is conditional, because one of the naturally good planets may have the task to bring unpleasant events in life.

Police: The Terrorists Are Not 18 Years Old

30 July 2010 / 16:07:11  
Analysts think over the manifesto sent by the Sect of Revolutionaries for the murder of Sokratis Giolias, while the anti-terrorist department continue to search the personal laptop of the 37-year-old journalist, hoping to find the trail - the reason that made him a victim.

Municipality of Piraeus Declared Insolvency

30 July 2010 / 14:07:59  
Municipality of Piraeus is in economic impasse and will be insolvent from August 13. This means that employees will remain without salaries, said the Mayor Panagiotis Fasulas at a press conference.

The Strike Continues!

30 July 2010 / 11:07:14  
Owners of trucks took the decision to continue the strike. They went on impromptu demonstration from Kareyskaki Square to the Parliament to submit a petition with their requests, informs Victoria Mindova.