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Archive - Feb 19, 2010

Greenpeace Greece: Greece must decrease harmful emissions in the atmosphere with 30% by 2020

19 February 2010 / 20:02:06  
"We need a more modern Europe that will pressure and initiate a bold and effective negotiation meeting in December in Mexico," said Dimitris Ibraim - responsible for energy issues in the Greek office of Greenpeace.

GRR HOT 15 welcomes spring!

19 February 2010 / 18:02:20  
Oh, my dear GRR HOT 15 friends…I cannot tell you how happy I am right now! And the main reason is the spring weather. A friend of mine and I were talking last week and we came to the conclusion that there is something magical about Greek weather. No matter what mood you are in, if the weather outside is good, you will start seeing the world with different and definitely pinker eyes. Spring in Greece…when the skies are as clear and blue as the waters of the Aegean Sea! Simply amazing..birds are singing, sun is shining and all I want to do is listen to some good music and dream for the summer!

The fuel is over, the exporters revolt and the customs agents continue their strike

19 February 2010 / 15:02:16  
The biggest part of the gas stations in the large cities are left with no gasoline and in the weekend is expected that the situation will get even worse. Great problems are created by the strike of the customs workers and of Piraeus port as well as the export companies who are threatened by huge fines because of failure to perform obligations.

About the culture and the water

19 February 2010 / 13:02:56  
Some thoughts caused by the Friday meeting of high level in Athens of the countries from the South-Eastern Europe related to the sea, river and lake cultural corridors

The great four of the metal music will strike in the summer

19 February 2010 / 12:02:51  
Μetallica, Slayer, Μegadeth and Αnthrax will play on June 24th at the stage of Terra Vibe on Malakasa stadium near Athens.

End of all European hope for the male volleyball team of Panathinaikos

19 February 2010 / 10:02:34  
Despite their struggle the Panathinaikos team failed to qualify in the further phase of the Champion League.

A spectacular victory of the football team of Panathinaikos against Roma

19 February 2010 / 10:02:05  
With their victory against the team of Roma the greens proved not only that they are in great physical and psychological shape, but also their capabilities of winning in difficult at first sight situations. They proved that not only the victory is important, but also the way to achieve it