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Archive - Feb 16, 2010

The argue about the name of Macedonia – Much Ado about nothing or nothing done about something big

16 February 2010 / 23:02:31  
Another diplomatic shuffle of Mathew Nimits on the Balkan peninsula ended with no result and no interest on the part of the media, the challenge which the great diplomat is facing however remains.

The ancient Pеlla expects its first visitors

16 February 2010 / 18:02:45  
Since this week the birth town of Alexander the Great is opened for the curious visitors. The ancient Pella was the capital of the Macedonian country in the period 4-1st century B.C.

For the disgrace of the winners and the dignity of the losing ones

16 February 2010 / 17:02:39  
The motto of the ancient Greeks for the Olympic Games was that the participation is important. Today it has to change. The dignity is important!

Shocking twist in the Menegaki-Latsios relationship

16 February 2010 / 17:02:59  
The rumors that the divorce is only an advertising gimmick, which raised the rating of the TV show "Coffee with Eleni," are becoming stronger and stronger.

After the state debt coming up is a disaster in social security

16 February 2010 / 15:02:04  
Series of strikes will flood Greece this week as a sign of discontent with the rising retirement age, freezing of pensions and salaries for the next three years and reducing the 14th salary.

Europe divided in three for the financial assistance of Greece

16 February 2010 / 14:02:27  
Jean-Claude Juncker and Jean-Claude Trichet are leading the group opposing direct financial assistance to the troubled country. France is its biggest supporter.

How to apply in Greek Universities

16 February 2010 / 12:02:29  
After accepting Bulgaria in the European family there are new possibilities opening for education in the western universities in the countries from the European Union. Here we will discuss the opportunities for applying and the specifications of the institutions from the Greek educational system.