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Archive - Feb 18, 2010

Kidnapped newborn returned to her mother

18 February 2010 / 18:02:20  
The woman who kidnapped the baby girl has psychological problems and called another hospital to say that she has given birth at home.

Drug and surgery prices go down

18 February 2010 / 17:02:59  
In order to limit expenses in healthcare funds, the Social Minister and Minister of Economy, will sign a decision tomorrow and will lower the prices of 20 percent of medicines. Over €2 billion will be brought to the Treasury from renting real estate to the Ministry of Employment.

Newborn baby kidnapped from a state hospital in Athens

18 February 2010 / 12:02:08  
Newborn baby disappeared at 4:30AM from a state hospital in Athens. The child was lying in a cot next to the bed of its 28-year-old mother. Witnesses saw a woman with sunglasses and black jacket walking around the corridors of the hospital.

Bomb in Minister Michalis Hrisokoidis' office

18 February 2010 / 11:02:48  
Citizen, who noticed the suspicious bag, called the police.

€1 320 000 for the Rowing Federation in Greece

18 February 2010 / 10:02:45  
The money will be given to the federation gradually, keeping pace and conditions which the Ministry of Economy imposes and the federation for its part undertakes to submit to the General Secretariat of Sports Development a plan for the next five years.

New type of state subsidies for small and medium businesses in difficulty

18 February 2010 / 10:02:04  
Upcoming is an introduction of facilities in the application procedures for public procurement, similar to the projects before the Olympic Games.

Victory for Panathinaikos against Asterix Kildreht

18 February 2010 / 09:02:34  
With victory for the green team completed the match between women's volleyball clubs Panathinaikos and Asterix Kildreht for the Final Four of Challenge Cup. Their final ranking will depend on whether they will win the match against Asterix Kildreht, which will be played on February 24 in Belgium.