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Archive - Feb 2010

February 25th

Sports holiday for children in Athens!

25 February 2010 / 11:02:05  
The end of the school year came and most of the parents are wondering what their children will do until they take their summer vacation… Are they too young to send them at a summer camp? Wouldn’t it be boring for them to send them for the whole summer to their grandparents? For the parents who work in Athens there are various solutions which are financially very appropriate.

The Athens airport remains without subway for six months

25 February 2010 / 10:02:39  
Since February 14th the traffic on the third line of the subway will be stopped for half a year between the station in front of the Ministry of Defense and the airport due to the construction works at the new station Aghia Paraskevi.

Corruption in Greece will finally become a felony

25 February 2010 / 09:02:21  
Politicians who have illegally acquired assets worth more than 73 thousand euro, could be indicted on felony charges. This law is in force since 1996 but so far not a single politician has been convicted under it.

Yuri Stupel doesn't give up easy!

24 February 2010 / 23:02:19  
The name of Yuri Stupel is well known to everybody. The elders surely remember his classic musical "Love boulevards". The younger ones will may be make a mistake between him and his father Peter Stupel - the composer of the classic children songs "Zaichenceto bialo" and "Suncho". The truth is that currently Yuri Stupel is more famous in Greece that he is in Bulgaria. Marina Nikolova spoke to him in order to explain us why

February 24th

Kuneva’s confession six months after the attack

24 February 2010 / 16:02:27  
Six months after she was attacked, Konstantinka Kuneva speaks to journalists from the Greek newspaper "Elevterotipia" about the corrupted system in the field she works in, about the rights of the working people, about the strength her son is giving her and about the wisdom.

Olivier Blanchard: Economic reforms will be extremely painful for Greece

24 February 2010 / 15:02:30  
If the government did not artificially keep low inflation and low interest rates during the "good times," today no additional restrictions on economy recovery would have been needed.

Greek society does not want to serve the markets

24 February 2010 / 14:02:45  
This chanted thousands of union members. Clashes followed where the police used tear gas against the protesters.