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Archive - Feb 24, 2010

Yuri Stupel doesn't give up easy!

24 February 2010 / 23:02:19  
The name of Yuri Stupel is well known to everybody. The elders surely remember his classic musical "Love boulevards". The younger ones will may be make a mistake between him and his father Peter Stupel - the composer of the classic children songs "Zaichenceto bialo" and "Suncho". The truth is that currently Yuri Stupel is more famous in Greece that he is in Bulgaria. Marina Nikolova spoke to him in order to explain us why

Kuneva’s confession six months after the attack

24 February 2010 / 16:02:27  
Six months after she was attacked, Konstantinka Kuneva speaks to journalists from the Greek newspaper "Elevterotipia" about the corrupted system in the field she works in, about the rights of the working people, about the strength her son is giving her and about the wisdom.

Olivier Blanchard: Economic reforms will be extremely painful for Greece

24 February 2010 / 15:02:30  
If the government did not artificially keep low inflation and low interest rates during the "good times," today no additional restrictions on economy recovery would have been needed.

Greek society does not want to serve the markets

24 February 2010 / 14:02:45  
This chanted thousands of union members. Clashes followed where the police used tear gas against the protesters.

Start of the third round of negotiations on the Cyprus issue

24 February 2010 / 14:02:56  
Within the framework of direct negotiations for settlement of the Cyprus issue Hristofyas and Talat will discuss the economy.

Valeria Spirova: Abroad you start to appreciate yourself

24 February 2010 / 14:02:09  
Ten years ago Valeria Spirova comes to Greece and she starts to work as a domestic assistant in the home of a family of philologists. They help her to start publishing her own newspaper in Bulgarian and currently she is part of the team of the foreign broadcasting program of the Athens public radio 104,4. In a conversation with Marina Nikolova she shares her experiences as a woman and foreigner in Greece and she talks about the meaning of feeling free.

Greece responds to Germany's media slap

24 February 2010 / 12:02:50  
Article called "Deceivers in the European family" and a picture of Aphrodite de Milo showing the middle finger on the cover of German magazine "Focus" prompted politicians in Greece.