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Archive - Feb 9, 2010

Papandreou's unconstitutional tax reform

09 February 2010 / 17:02:37  
The increasing real estate tax assessments and direct property tax increase will lead to freezing the market and deepening economic recession.

Ruling party in Cyprus is withdrawing from the government because of disagreement with the President

09 February 2010 / 14:02:59  
EDEK Social Democrats withdrew from the government because of disagreement as to Hristofyas' policy on the Cyprus issue. Turkish Cypriot leader suggested negotiations to be held outside the territory of Cyprus and the EU, in order to avoid domestic political pressures.

Eleni Menegaki took off her wedding ring!

09 February 2010 / 12:02:25  
The perfect image of the TV host began crackling. She already has problems not only with her family, but also with bosses from Alpha TV.

Anna Vissi fan of masochistic love

09 February 2010 / 10:02:45  
"Nikos Karvelas hasn’t been made for format for shows such as Greek Idol.

Greece hopes the EU will compound its debt

09 February 2010 / 10:02:11  
"Brussels is not in a hurry to help," says Professor of International Economic Relations in Geneva Charles Wyplosz, Greece has never followed the directives of Europe recalls the chairman of Fitch credit rating agency Marc Ladreit de Lacharriere.