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Archive - Apr 2011

April 29th

Police investigation found five fire-raising anarchists a year after the tragedy in Marfin Bank

29 April 2011 / 16:04:41  
The police are ready to submit to the judicial authorities the report, containing data on the 5 young anarchists collected from videos and eyewitnesses' testimony.

A parliamentary committee will investigate the criminal liability of a former minister in a corruption scandal

29 April 2011 / 11:04:30  
The opposition calls for full consideration of the case and investigation of the responsibility of other political parties.

Alpha Bank may not pass the next stress tests, says Morgan Stanley

29 April 2011 / 09:04:20  
Аnother 4 financial institutions on the continent аре at stake according to the US investment bank – the Italian Unicredit, the Portuguese Banco Esprito Santo, the Hungarian Erste Bank and Austria's Raiffeisen, the Greeks have suddenly liked Servaas Deroose.

April 28th

The difficult puzzle of road safety in Greece

28 April 2011 / 20:04:22  
If the issue of road safety does not become a problem of the society we could not talk about a positive change, says the man who removed the ads from all Greek roads in an interview with Anastasia Balezdrova.

322,000 people in tourism work without agreements

28 April 2011 / 18:04:32  
"The tourism and food sectors employ the largest number of people without agreements and the employees in Greece work under the worst conditions of flexible labour relations among the European Union countries," said the president of the Federation of workers in tourism and food industry Panagiotis Proutsos.

Journalists are neither moving targets, nor side losses of wars

27 April 2011 / 23:04:21  
Journalists should remember that their lives are worth much more than a frame or a story, says the author of the documentary "Shooting vs shooting" in a conversation with Anastasia Balezdrova.

April 27th

Greek spreads reached a new record of 1300 bps

27 April 2011 / 19:04:56  
The Athens Stock Exchange collapsed by 1.79% in day, the global markets insist on emergency debt restructuring, the local economists warn that it would be a disaster for the Greek banks.