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Archive - Apr 12, 2011

Herman van Rompuy: Implement your fiscal consolidation and structural reforms in time

12 April 2011 / 21:04:09  
There is a lot of work to be done and years of constant efforts lie ahead, stated the President of the European Council, Herman van Rompuy who pays a visit to Athens this week. He addressed a speech on "Greece and Europe: Building the future in difficult times".

They "did not pay" first and then burst into the traffic police station

12 April 2011 / 20:04:11  
The police in Corinth detained three members of the "I do not pay" movement for their involvement in the burning of penalty fine slips issued to individuals who refused to pay tolls.

Panagiotis Psomiadis is preparing to establish a Greek Lega Nord

12 April 2011 / 18:04:43  
The Head of the District of Central Macedonia Panagiotis Psomiadis is determined to set up a new "civic movement" similar to the far-right party Lega Nord in Italy, although he tries to refute it in public.

Restoration of the first modern Olympic Games in Athens

12 April 2011 / 17:04:47  
Restoration of the first modern Olympic Games held 115 years ago was made at the Kalimarmaro stadium in Athens. Children from primary schools throughout Greece took part in the games before the theatrical performance. The Olympic champions - the athlete Pighi Devetzi, the gymnastics Dimosthenis Tambakis, George Andreadis, the fighters Fannie Psatha and Vassilis Kolaros - also attended the event.

Alcohol is another cause of incidence of cancer

12 April 2011 / 14:04:35  
44% of the cancer formation in the upper digestive system, like cancer of the esophagus, mouth or throat is associated with alcohol consumption. In malignant diseases of the bowel that percentage is 33 and the alcohol is the reason for only 25% of the cases in the liver. The study was held in eight European countries, including Greece.