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Archive - Apr 2011

April 20th

Greece and the concept of exclusive economic zone

20 April 2011 / 09:04:07  
Greece should establish its own exclusive economic zone in the Mediterranean basin, because it is entitled under the international law. The reaction of Turkey should not disturb it, was the opinion of participants in the discussion organized by the Hellenic Foundation for European and International Affairs.

April 19th

Dear Easter!

19 April 2011 / 19:04:38  
Shortly before Easter hotel keepers are clearly optimistic that they would be able to fill their rooms during the holidays. They are glad that each day the interest of people who will escape somewhere around the country, hoping to relax and enjoy their vacation, is growing.

Working or social networking? How to combine them without being caught

19 April 2011 / 16:04:56  
An employee at а Greek airline company was fired without compensation, because she was surfing Facebook while at work. But if you are not sure that you are ready to part with your favourite social network and do not want to get cornered, then use one of the proposed below ways to "hide" yourself.

The bustle about the restructuring of the Greek debt raised the interest rates on government bonds

19 April 2011 / 13:04:09  
Athens issued three-month bills worth one billion and 625 million euros, the spread yield of the 10- year government bonds reached new heights of 1140 basis points.

April 18th

A Pan-Hellenic strike to grip the country on the 11th of May

18 April 2011 / 20:04:28  
The trade unions of the employees in the public and private sectors in Greece announced a Pan-Hellenic 24-hour strike for the 11th of May.

Taxes in favour of third parties and tax breaks are over

18 April 2011 / 19:04:10  
The government hopes to save two billion euros after cancelling the additional taxes to third parties that burden the end price of the products and services and make them uncompetitive.

The number of pharmacies in Greece will decrease by 30%

18 April 2011 / 18:04:41  
4000 pharmacies are about to close because of the planned new measure to bring down the profit rate of pharmacists from 23% to 18%. If the profit rate is decreased this means that there will be no profit in practice, because after the owners of the pharmacies pay the costs their real profit is in the range between 8% and 11%, said the President of the Pharmacy Guild of Greece Theodoros Abadzoglou at a press conference.