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Archive - Apr 27, 2011

Journalists are neither moving targets, nor side losses of wars

27 April 2011 / 23:04:21  
Journalists should remember that their lives are worth much more than a frame or a story, says the author of the documentary "Shooting vs shooting" in a conversation with Anastasia Balezdrova.

Greek spreads reached a new record of 1300 bps

27 April 2011 / 19:04:56  
The Athens Stock Exchange collapsed by 1.79% in day, the global markets insist on emergency debt restructuring, the local economists warn that it would be a disaster for the Greek banks.

Market liberalization will leave 4,500 shipping workers jobless

27 April 2011 / 17:04:47  
The increase in cabotage in the merchant fleet will lead to the dismissal of about 4500 shipping workers, forecast Yiannis Maganatos from the Greek union of the mechanics in the merchant fleet. Therefore, the union of mechanics announced a 24-hour strike on Sunday, the 1st of May, which will stop the departure of ships from the port of Piraeus from midnight on Saturday until midnight on Sunday.

The unrest inside PASOK leads to reforms in the government

27 April 2011 / 15:04:25  
The hard decisions on the needed reforms cause turmoil in the ruling party.