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Archive - Apr 6, 2011

Papakonstantinou promises 1% deficit in 2015 and Soros expects rapid debt restructuring

06 April 2011 / 23:04:17  
And while the government representatives are trying to convince the people and the opposition that Greece is on the right track, rumors of debt restructuring are gaining force.

A TV technician died during an anarchist protest outside the house of an investigator

06 April 2011 / 21:04:41  
Kostas Baltas is one of the two investigators of the two extreme armed groups Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei and Revolutionary Struggle.

Sushi bars in Athens are empty for fear of radiation

06 April 2011 / 20:04:45  
Greek owners of sushi bars registered 20% drop in turnover after the accident in the Fukushima nuclear power plant and try to convince their customers that the products they use are not imported from Japan.

The green economy will create brand new investment opportunities

06 April 2011 / 19:04:59  
"We believe that the development of innovative green projects will create great opportunities for investment in the future," clearly stated the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change Tina Birbili. She spoke at the innovation forum, organized by the Economist magazine.

Hellenic Petroleum: We are paid 17 salaries a year, but our work is dangerous and responsible

06 April 2011 / 18:04:10  
The company workers went on strike from the 3rd of April demanding the appointment of new staff for the new units at the refinery in Thessaloniki and their salaries and benefits to be kept.

The European leaders add oil to the Greek fire instead of putting it out

06 April 2011 / 14:04:50  
The banks in Europe are in panic, mainly because their portfolios are full of toxic derivatives from the private sector and government bonds of countries from the periphery of the Euro zone, which are actually useless, states Yanis Varoufakis, Professor of Economic Theory at the Athens University.