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Archive - Apr 20, 2011

This year the Greeks buy 20% less eggs and 30% less lamb for Easter

20 April 2011 / 21:04:28  
Four days before the main Orthodox feast the central market in Athens Varvakios Agora is thronged with people. Small lambs and kids are hanging on hooks on the stands in the meat sector, waiting for the customer who will roast them on Sunday.

TV staff on strike for two days to stop the cuts

20 April 2011 / 16:04:20  
Once again the technical staff of the Greek private TVs attempts to sign a collective agreement and to end the dismissals. Camera-men, editors, sound technicians, tone-directors, administrative and technical staff have announced a 48-hour strike that began yesterday morning and will continue until the end of the day. Their demands are financial, but they also aim to stop the dismissals of their colleagues from TVs. The technicians who belong to their union organizations besides the technicians of SKY TV joined the strike.

GRReporter readers want politics, economics and videos

20 April 2011 / 15:04:34  
The readers of the three versions of the site who participated in our last poll "Which GRReporter categories are of utmost interest to you?" have expressed their preferences mostly to issues of economics and politics, but it appeared that there is huge interest in the video and photo reports.

Political duel due to statements that the Greeks are lazy

20 April 2011 / 13:04:12  
Has he said to a Turkish newspaper that the Greeks are lazy or not? This is the subject of the political counter between the Vice-President of the Greek government Theodoros Pangalos and New Democracy.

Greece and the concept of exclusive economic zone

20 April 2011 / 09:04:07  
Greece should establish its own exclusive economic zone in the Mediterranean basin, because it is entitled under the international law. The reaction of Turkey should not disturb it, was the opinion of participants in the discussion organized by the Hellenic Foundation for European and International Affairs.