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Archive - Apr 2, 2011

Snails, mushrooms, saffron and pomegranates save Greek Agriculture

02 April 2011 / 16:04:43  
At the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture the forum "Greek Agriculture innovates" was held, which will continue in coming years as it is very important for farmers to share experiences and to learn about new ideas. From next year there will be two awards in seven areas for the best executed project.

Charlie Sheen records a song with Snoop Dogg

02 April 2011 / 14:04:26  
Charlie Sheen and Snoop Dogg confirmed that they are starting work on a joint song. The project will also be joined by musician Rob Patterson of the band Filter.

Enrique Iglesias refuses sharing a stage with Britney Spears

02 April 2011 / 13:04:08  
"With Enrique we are leaving on a tour together in June!" joyfully announced Britney Spears a few days ago in the morning show "Good Morning America".

Liv Tyler wants to record a duet with her father

02 April 2011 / 13:04:47  
Liv Tyler, daughter of the emblematic Aerosmith front man, said she wants to record a duet with her famous father.

The point in time in which we meet a person determines whether they will have meaning in our lives

02 April 2011 / 13:04:06  
All of us constantly live communicating with others. This is how we are designed. To connect with others. No man on earth has managed to completely escape from the network of human relationships and connections.

А secret meeting between two of the Greek right wing leaders

02 April 2011 / 00:04:35  
Secret meetings, rumours and backroom negotiations aimed at re-uniting the divided Greek right. Meanwhile, the conflict between Antonis Samaras and Dora Bakoyannis grew and the possibility of convergence seems farther than ever.