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Archive - May 2010

May 5th

Clashes throughout Greece

05 May 2010 / 16:05:36  
War with stones between demonstrators and police in front of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, tear gas in Patras, District Administration was invaded in Corfu.

Athletics without athletes?

05 May 2010 / 15:05:50  
So, the possibility of some big names missing during the season looks great... Unless a miracle happens in the last minute.

Three victims during arson in Marfin bank

05 May 2010 / 13:05:16  
Anarchists set a branch of Marfin Bank on fire, which killed three people - two women and one man.

Reforms shock for pensioners and the young

05 May 2010 / 10:05:14  
Shock rise among all Greeks after the announcement of the five-year program, under which Greece took the package of €110 million, according to the IMF and EU agreement after the promise to make reforms and hoping to avoid certain bankruptcy.

Greek banks dropped by 20-year record

05 May 2010 / 08:05:03  
Their shares devalued in average of 10.3 per cent on a day in which the Athens Stock Exchange fell by 6.68 per cent, stock exchanges suffered big losses in Madrid and Lisbon, the Euro fell again.

May 4th

Second day in the grip of strikes

04 May 2010 / 14:05:25  
Germany's Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has warned that Greece is threatened by bankruptcy if the country does not adhere to the measures approved by the IMF and the EU. Moody's supports him - European aid does not mean an end to the Greek crisis.

Greek Oscars were given away!

04 May 2010 / 12:05:44  
Films "Arrow" and "Dogtooth" gathered the most awards at the first awards of the newly established Academy of cinema in Greece. This means that the state awards for quality of the Ministry of Culture went into history and for the Greek Oscars voted 168 members of the Academy.