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Archive - May 30, 2010

Low budget forces the volleyball players of Panathinaikos to leave the team one by one

30 May 2010 / 17:05:12  
The huge holes in the budget of the club had a strong impact on the salaries of athletes and led key players one by one to leave the team.

Greece qualified on the eight place on the Eurovision

30 May 2010 / 14:05:48  
Germany was the overall winner. The young Lena, only 19 years old, sang her modern sounding song "Satellite" and won the hearts of the viewers and the jury. Her presence and song that tells of a cheerful girl in love were enough to fill the stage and small screen, without special effects lights, dancers or pompous dresses.

The bare truth about the Greek banks

30 May 2010 / 13:05:26  
The financial institutions registered a decrease in profits and even losses for the first three months of 2010, a 3 steps plan for the consolidation of the banks, Nuriel Rubini: "Ultimately Greece will either go bankrupt, or it will defer its payments to creditors, I won't be surprised if it goes out of the European Union"

The team of Voulyagmeni master of the pool in OAKA

30 May 2010 / 11:05:10  
In a game against the team of Panathinaikos, which was played in the OAKA pool in Athens it defeated by 10 - 7 its green opponent. The game between the two teams is the second in a row, and with its victory from this game Voulyagmeni took the lead by 2-0.

Are Zeta Makripoulya and Yiannis Latsios in love?

30 May 2010 / 10:05:31  
Rumors are being overhead here and there that the two of them are exchanging "suspicious" looks in the corridors of the television studio and that the invisible but obvious thread of love connects them... Tensions escalated further when the two were seen having dinner together in a small tavern in the Panormou neighborhood

Samaras expelled Roussopoulos and Voulgarakis from New Democracy

30 May 2010 / 10:05:58  
With the expel of the 'unjust' blue politicians, the names of whom are linked (with or without direct evidence) with the corruption scandals from the time of Costas Karamanlis government the blue leader wants to put a distance between the new image of the party and the murky past. Will he succeed?