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Archive - May 4, 2010

Second day in the grip of strikes

04 May 2010 / 14:05:25  
Germany's Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has warned that Greece is threatened by bankruptcy if the country does not adhere to the measures approved by the IMF and the EU. Moody's supports him - European aid does not mean an end to the Greek crisis.

Greek Oscars were given away!

04 May 2010 / 12:05:44  
Films "Arrow" and "Dogtooth" gathered the most awards at the first awards of the newly established Academy of cinema in Greece. This means that the state awards for quality of the Ministry of Culture went into history and for the Greek Oscars voted 168 members of the Academy.

Nicolas Sarkozi most likable euro-politician, according to Greeks

04 May 2010 / 11:05:14  
38.3 percent of respondents in five years the country will emerge from the tunnel, 27.4 percent answered that it will take between 5 and 10 years, and 31.8% are quite pessimistic and think it will take more than ten years.

Aggressive privatization and radical reformsm sought the President of the Athens Stock Exchange

04 May 2010 / 09:05:11  
Opening of closed professions and reforms in tax and social security systems are just some of the changes that Greece should do during the restoration of its positive image to the international markets. This is the opinion of Spyros Kapralos, President of the Athens Stock Exchange, who spoke at the economic forum "Digital economy forum: evolution is digital".

Two terrorists arrested after an armed robbery in Praktiker

04 May 2010 / 08:05:39  
During the robbery an employee of the store was shot in the stomach, the ciminals also beat one of the security guards.