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Archive - May 31, 2010

Will it become easier the adoption of Bulgarian children for the Bulgarians families abroad?

31 May 2010 / 16:05:40  
The problem is that the Bulgarians who live abroad according to law must pass a more complicated procedure for foreigners. In a discussion, which was opened by an information portal together with the party of Bulgarians living abroad "The Other Bulgaria” became clear that the law was changed in 2009 and the procedure is shortened to six months but still remains the problem for the social services to make their study for the environment in which the child will live in order to give their opinions about the prospective adoptive parents.

Advertising during crisis

31 May 2010 / 13:05:41  
The economic crisis and mass hysteria that the Greeks are getting poorer quickly opened up new horizons for creative directors in the advertising agencies in the country. From gel for the plates, trough the banking services, to the vast (and most likely still expensive) car, the ad industry engages in the art of persuasion that the submitted product, service or commodity has the best price on the market.

The story of an Afghanistan family - victim of terrorism

31 May 2010 / 12:05:30  
In one bright apartment in a suburb Nea Smyrna now lives the family of the torn apart by a bomb 15-year old boy from Afghanistan

No communication with the activists from "Free Gaza"

31 May 2010 / 10:05:38  
16 were killed during the attack by Israeli naval forces against the six ships involved in the humanitarian mission "Free Gaza ". The Greek activists in the mission are 35 people and there is no communication with them from the morning. The European Union requested a thorough investigation of what happened.

The sample Special Olympics Athens 2011 games have started

31 May 2010 / 08:05:02  
2010 athletes from 22 countries gathered at the olympics center to give the official start of the ceremony for the trial Special Olympic Games Athens 2011.

Three men are fighting, PASOK wins

31 May 2010 / 08:05:53  
On thin ice moves the new chairman of the opposition party New Democracy Antonis Samaras. This evaluation is made by the political analysts in Greece six months after his election. Currently the situation in New Democracy does not seem good at all. In fact, on a large scale it is a lot like in the fable "Fish, pike and cancer”, where everyone is pulling in his own direction.