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Archive - May 13, 2010

First Greek online mall opens on Sunday

13 May 2010 / 16:05:18 in the house of every user with 300,000 products at competitive prices.

Foreign tourists are increasingly avoiding troubled Greece

13 May 2010 / 14:05:18  
Incessant strikes, protests and riots not only paralyzed trade in Athens but also largely contributed to the withdraw of tourists this season. More than 20,000 reservations have been withdrawn from the capital's hotels since the beginning of 2010.

Great expectations from Erdoğan's visit in Athens

13 May 2010 / 13:05:43  
Turkish Prime Minister is coming on an official visit in Athens on May 14 and 15 along with 10 ministers and 100 businessmen.

Street stories: Fighting for the opportunity that no one gives for free

13 May 2010 / 11:05:07  
If you wonder who are those Greeks who go out on the roads, blocking the highway, striking, screaming and complaining of the reduction of the 13th, 14th and 15th salary and want everything as it was back in the day, I can tell you that Themisto Angelopolos is not one of them. He is a boy born in Patras and raised in a village near the Peloponnesian town. You will not see him striking and protesting, not because he has a problem with defending labor rights in Greece, but because he has never taken advantage of them.

Lifeless rally of the unions

13 May 2010 / 09:05:56  
Participation of workers was disappointing in last night's union rally under the slogan "IMF's sty does not belong to Greeks," reports Victoria Mindova from the rally.

Unions: "Greece is not Argentina - we will not surrender to the IMF"

13 May 2010 / 08:05:16  
"We will not put our heads down in front of the exorable policy of the International Monetary Fund and the EU," said a protester in the rally against strict new economic policy of the Greek government. Although the protest was not big, angry Greeks vowed to strengthen the strike action.