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Archive - May 27, 2010

Do the Greeks read today?

27 May 2010 / 19:05:52  
Out of every 10 buyers 8 are women, and only two are men. The many years of observation of Katherina Kotopoulou show that men just don't read

We have to fight with the high prices are saying the councilors from the municipality of Piraeus

27 May 2010 / 19:05:04  
Тhe mayor of Piraeus Yiannis Mihas announced that in some cases a 451% increase in the price of imports from the port of Piraeus to the price for the end consumer in the neighborhood supermarket. A comparative analysis between the prices of products of famous international company in Greece and Cyprus are showing huge differences between 6,35% to 63,8% for the same product in the two countries.

A start of the privatization of the railway and water supply companies

27 May 2010 / 17:05:27  
The high prices on the market swings the Greek Government, as it became clear during yesterday's meeting of the Council of Ministers. At the same time great efforts are made to find revenue as a result of which next week the government will announce the state-owned companies that go for privatization.

A former minister confessed to have taken 200 000 marks from Siemens

27 May 2010 / 16:05:48  
Former Minister admitted that he took bribes in the amount of 200,000 marks from Siemens under the form of a subsidy for his campaign. Money was invested in November 1998 in a Swiss bank under the code name "A. Rokos".

The Green Kings of the basketball court

27 May 2010 / 13:05:30  
The victory of the green was explicit, and the difference in the score left no doubt that the home team was in great shape tonight.

The crisis in Greece is in the first place moral and then economic

27 May 2010 / 13:05:54  
I can not say that I am a believer, nor righteous, but my meeting with Father Alexandros made me look in a different way at the Christian Church. So far, the Church for me as well as for many others, I guess, was just another public institution without any particular significance for my personal path in life. Maybe it will remain so for the future as well, but I can not tell about the goodness when I meet it.

Scandals between Yiannis Vardinoyanis and Andreas Vgenopulos increased the tension in Panathinaikos

27 May 2010 / 10:05:02  
he muddy waters and uncertainty were expected to clear temporarily the position of Vardinoyanis. Unfortunately, exactly the opposite happened. In his appeal to the shareholders of the club to purchase more shares of the team, he caused the anger and bitter comments of many, including Vgenopulos’.