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Archive - Jul 2011

July 19th

GRReporter readers are anticipating Evangelos Venizelos’ failure as finance minister and special elections

18 July 2011 / 23:07:13  
GRReporter readers do not think Evangelos Venizelos is able to stabilize the Greek economy, they are concerned that he could make the Troika nervous and expect his actions to lead to special elections.

The formula for success in Greece is a 70% haircut of the foreign debt and a flat tax rate

18 July 2011 / 22:07:10  
This is the opinion is the Greek businessman Christos Mouroutis who has been living in Bulgaria since 1999. He was born in Athens and graduated in law in Greece. In Bulgaria, he is the founder and manager of the fund and asset management ARCELAND

July 18th

Taxi owners "paralyzed" not only the traffic but also tourism

18 July 2011 / 19:07:41  
Taxi owners began their two-day strike with short blockades of the port of Piraeus, the Athens airport, the border with Bulgaria in Promachonas and a number of key locations throughout Greece. Representatives of the tourism industry urged them to stop the extreme forms of protest, and they said from the Ministry that the liberalization of the profession would take place immediately.

A new tax imposed on European banks to save Greece

18 July 2011 / 16:07:45  
Less than three days before the emergency summit in Brussels, EU leaders can not decide the fate of Greece. The foreign debt is growing, and the CDS insurances on Greek government bonds are reaching 3000 points.

The visit of Hillary Clinton to Athens is over

18 July 2011 / 13:07:10  
It was more of symbolic character, a cooperation agreement to fight looting of antiquities still was signed.

July 17th

U.S. supports reforms in Greece

17 July 2011 / 19:07:22  
"I am here to show the strong US support for Greece," said U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, after meeting with her Greek counterpart Stavros Lambrinidis.

New law gives a second chance to bankrupt companies

17 July 2011 / 18:07:36  
From fall the famous Article 99 of the Bankruptcy Code will remain in history since yesterday the Ministry of Development, Competitiveness and Shipping submit a vote in Parliament to amend the new framework of Chapter 6 of 3. 3588/2007 (the Bankruptcy Code).