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Archive - Jul 12, 2011

Unprecedented collapse of the markets in the last 14 years

12 July 2011 / 23:07:40  
It is noted in a sad irony that if this government had spent as much strength and energy for privatization and structural reorganization as it spent on lobbying in foreign aid now the stock exchange would flourish, and the rumours of default would be fading.

Venizelos is preparing the Greeks for a selective default

12 July 2011 / 22:07:35  
Europe is considering 36 different ways to involve private owners in the "voluntary" rescheduling of the payments on bonds maturing in the next three to five years. Credit agencies have warned that it would be perceived as a failure, and the Greek Minister of Finance said that this is an assessment, not a real consequence.

The reason for road accidents in Greece is drivers’ recklessness

12 July 2011 / 21:07:55  
The reason is the recklessness for only a foolish man would move in the red light, drive drunk and kill his family and himself, says Thassos Yaveris in an interview with Anastasia Balezdrova

The victims of the explosions in Cyprus honoured as heroes

12 July 2011 / 18:07:27  
The commander of the base and the Cyprus Navy Andreas Ioannidis alerted the General Staff on the dangers the storage of the explosive materials in the base could cause. According to sailors serving in the base, the containers storing the 98 boxes of ammunition started to swell and damage.

The new taxes drowned the pools

12 July 2011 / 15:07:39  
According to the President of the Greek association of pools and spa equipment builders, the pool is not a luxury but a necessity.