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Archive - Jul 10, 2011

Greek police busted three criminal gangs, 48 people are arrested

10 July 2011 / 19:07:46  
Greek police busted three criminal organizations involved in a number of cases of drug trafficking, pimping, forgery and money laundering, possession and trade in arms.

Greeks found a bank that does not work with money

10 July 2011 / 16:07:31  
"Your time has value." Maybe not in cash but in terms of labor. With this idea the “barter economy” was introduced in Greece, one action brought in from abroad, but very useful at a time when the income of Greek households has significantly decreased and all try to find alternative ways to get out of the daily frustration.

Social networks in the grip of the "Like" ad

10 July 2011 / 14:07:05  
The phenomenon of the "Like" button made it possible with one the touch all of my friends in the social network to see what I like - everything: food I love, a site that I read, an article that I like, a problem which troubles me, vacation spot I like, clothes I like or want to buy, widgets I use or want to own, etc.

Helicopters for millions stay on land due to lack of technical support

10 July 2011 / 13:07:43  
Summer is the season of holidays, but also of fires and as it turns out firefighters are not ready to combat disasters and Greek taxpayers pay dearly for its support.