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Archive - Jul 6, 2011

Parties kill private initiative, even in the funeral business

06 July 2011 / 20:07:02  
One of the biggest problems for the funeral business in Greece is the lack of graveplots in the country. Another problem is that the church does not recognize the ritual of cremation, so that Greek families perform this procedure in Bulgaria.

The closed family and especially profitable profession of newspaper sellers in Greece

06 July 2011 / 18:07:46  
The turnover from the sale of newspapers and magazines in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki reached 220 million euros only in 2010. 13.5 per cent of it filled the pockets of newspaper sellers. Thus, the 450 members of the union of newspaper sellers in the three major Greek cities shared 30 million euros last year.

The phenomenon of "Greek nihilism" is rooted in society and is a harbinger of nothing positive

06 July 2011 / 17:07:34  
Posters with the pictures and names of local MPs appeared in several areas in northern Greece, and the large letters bellow read, "They voted for the austerity plan. Let's not forget who say only "yes" to the power" and "Wanted for crimes against the people and legitimizing state violence."

The fashion guru Lakis Gavalas goes bankrupt

06 July 2011 / 14:07:57  
Due to the lack of financial resources to meet his obligations to the state as well as to private lenders Gavalas is forced to resort to paragraph 99 of the Code of bankruptcy. He was fined five million euros for not paying VAT.