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Archive - Jan 2010

January 24th

A series of successes qualifies Baghdatis for the third round of Australian Open

24 January 2010 / 08:01:18  

Marcos Baghdatis is in a great shape in the beginning of the year. Apart from the statements of the tennis player that the number one goal for his are not the successes, but the hard practices which will put him back in good physical shape after a long period of traumas, the successes do not leave the tennis player for a single moment. The tennis, which Baghdatis shows at the tennis court is definitely much more that just a hard practice after the international Sydney tournament brought him….. a cup.

Greek population spends 1,2 billion euro on coffee

23 January 2010 / 23:01:07  

Greeks spend about 1,2 billion euro per year in order to drink their coffee outside with friends in a café or in a plastic cup in the hand on the street. The commerce with coffee turns out to be a sector which helps for the positive growth of the economy by registering an increase of 15% to 18% each year. There is a war starting on the coffee market in Greece after the big players in the business started to lower the prices of certain types of coffee.

January 23rd

Police gains control over the tension at the court sitting on the Grigoropoulos case

23 January 2010 / 21:01:33  
The lawyer of the accused in a murder policeman asked to be called as witnesses those who visited the sports game with the victim

Boiko and the farmers - a lot of action weak result

23 January 2010 / 19:01:03  
The spectacular visitation of the Bulgarian Prime Minister opened Promahonas for three hours, the farmers are getting ready for a demonstration in Athens on Monday.

Yannis Stournaras: The joining of Bulgaria in the euro zone will be beneficial for everybody

22 January 2010 / 23:01:02  

Professor Yannis Stournaras is the director of the Foundation for economic and industrial researches. Before heading the foundation he has been a vice president of the National gas company (1994 – 1997), chief economic advisor of the Ministry of economy and finance (1994 – 2000), chairman and executive director of Emporiki Bank and vice president of the Association of the Greek banks. He has graduated “Economic theories and policies” at the Oxford University. Victoria Mindova spoke to professor Yannis Stournaras.

January 22nd

Get warmer with GRR HOT 15's music!

22 January 2010 / 17:01:42  
How are you holding up? Managing to stay warm? I don’t know how weather is outside your door but here in Athens it is freezing cold (according to Athens standards) and in Bulgaria the temperature is supposed to reach -20°C! The only thing I can do now is to try and warm you up (and myself) with some hot songs.

Invitation to participation in the International Health Film Festival "Ippokratis"

22 January 2010 / 15:01:07  
By April 15th, you could send an application for participation in the International Health Film Festival “Ippocratis” on the island of Kos