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Archive - Jan 26, 2010

Aid for purchasing water and medicines from Greece for Haiti

26 January 2010 / 19:01:23  
Several teams of Greek doctors are on the island and are fighting for the lives of thousands of people. Greeks are collecting money to buy medicines and water.

Pelion - split between myth and present

26 January 2010 / 17:01:48  
Pelion is a mandatory destination for Greek fans.

Tension is increasing, farmers do not retreat

26 January 2010 / 13:01:26  
Blockades continue and the hypothetical dialog in Zapio too. Export and processing companies of agricultural products are losing and warn that their bankruptcy will lead to the dismissal of the strikers' relatives.

Salty interest for another tranche of government securities

26 January 2010 / 09:01:22  
Greece sold government bonds for €8 billion, while demand from investors reached €25 billion. Analysts from various investment banks and rating agencies evaluate the tender as the first swallow, which will start the exit of the crisis. The Euro increased with 0.4%.