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Archive - Jan 24, 2010

The Greek shoemaker on Wall Street

24 January 2010 / 15:01:20  

Among the skyscrapers and banks in the heart of Manhattan on Wall Street there is a small shoemaker’s shop owned by Minas Polihronakis. In the last two years after the outbreak of the world financial crisis the business of the small shoemaker starts to blossom. His clients include bankers, financial advisors, brokers and lawyers from the capital of the funds and the shoes he brings back to life cost up to 1400 dollars a pair.

Dora Bakoyannis: The meeting of Borisov with the farmers is a shame for Greece

24 January 2010 / 13:01:58  
The former minister of foreign affairs criticized the Prime Minister George Papandreou, that in stead of meeting the protesting farmers he speaks from the parliamentary tribune about “farmers from Kolonaki” and Mediterranean diet

Soft natural colors are the fashion trends for summer 2010

24 January 2010 / 12:01:48  

Victoria Mindova



A victory of Maroussi over Aris

24 January 2010 / 10:01:19  

Emanuela Karastoyanova


A trauma on the shoulder stopped Baghdatis from further participation in Australian Open

24 January 2010 / 09:01:00  

A trauma on the right shoulder was the reason for Markos Baghdatis to leave ingloriously the Open championship of Australia. During his game with Lleyton Hewitt he fought for two sets which he lost from his opponent with 0:6 and 2:4, results which speak for themselves showing the overworking of the tennis player. During the second set Baghdatis tried to outplay Hewitt by changing his game, however he didn’t manage to make up for the loss. Even before the set started the Cypriot asked for the help of his physiotherapist.

Sophocles treats marine soldiers from a post war stress after Afghanistan and Iraq

24 January 2010 / 09:01:11  

Panic, nightmares at night, depression, desperation, aggressive behavior. This is the condition of many American soldiers after their return from Afghanistan and Iraq. These symptoms of a post war stress are known to humanity since the hoary antiquity and the ancient Greeks have found the cure for it at that time. It is called “catharsis” and means the process in which the literary drama purifies the soul. Its therapeutic effect is indisputable in the past 2000 years and until present times.

Four brands of chocolate which can cause allergic reactions

24 January 2010 / 08:01:10  

Four types of chocolate widely spread on the Greek market contain dangerous allergens, announced the National food inspection agency. After an inspection made by the agency in cooperation with the central laboratory was determined that the products contain the ingredient “casein”, which was not listed on the package. According to the current law if producers do not list on the label specifically and completely the ingredients, the lot of the product has to be pulled out of the market.