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Archive - Jan 8, 2010

Athletes of the National rowing team of Greece are suspended for three months

08 January 2010 / 18:01:34  
They made the board of managers angry by not showing up at a preparative camp

PASOK tax reforms caused capital leak from the state

08 January 2010 / 17:01:28  
The current law for corporate taxation in Greece imposes up to 25% tax on the annual income of the corporation.

GRR HOT 15: Long live the King of Rock!

08 January 2010 / 17:01:47  
Hello dear GRR HOT 15 music lovers! Today I would like to dedicate the article and the chart to the one and only King of Rock Elvis Presley!

Tembi investigation will be handled by foreign experts

08 January 2010 / 16:01:15  
According to investigation of "Egeo Highway" company the vibrations of the trucks and military planes are stronger than those of the explosions for the construction of the tunnel which were 900 meters away from Tembi. Careless for the possible landslides in the area has not just been the company, but also government employees.

Talat's proposals for the new State

08 January 2010 / 15:01:59  
Mehmed Ali Talat offers Cypriots to vote for leader of the Turkish Cypriots, Turks in Cyprus to obtain the status similar to that of European citizens and to create two separate areas for air traffic control in the north and south.

Olympiakos victory in Turkey

08 January 2010 / 09:01:05  
Olympiakos made a step towards the first place in the second group of the Euroleague.

Brussels wants an increase in VAT and excise duty on fuels and decrease of public sector wages

08 January 2010 / 09:01:27  
The reforms are in the right direction, however European Commission wants additional measures