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Archive - Mar 2009

March 20th

Explosion shook the most guarded part of Athens

20 March 2009 / 11:03:43  
Handmade device was placed at the entrance of the State real estate services - 200m away from the Chief Directorate of the Greek police and right across from the Supreme Court.

The Recession and Ireland: A test of nerve

20 March 2009 / 10:03:08  

Ireland's people are certainly in shock about the economic changes but the Republic's citizens have no history of violent confrontation or protest on economic matters as it is the practice in Greece.

Explosion in front of the Chief Directorate of the Greek police

19 March 2009 / 23:03:41  
A car full of explosives was detonated on the central Athens Boulevard "Alexandras," right across from the headquarters of the Greek police.

March 19th

Athens Polytechnic University to be moved outside the city center

19 March 2009 / 18:03:43  
The building will be turned into a museum of the revolutionary resistance. The university circles are unhappy with this offer, because they want to remain in the Athens center.

Greece and Macedonia will sing on 13th place

19 March 2009 / 18:03:38  
The die is cast - Sakis Rouvas will be the 13th one to sing his song during the second night of the semi-finals on Eurovision. The Macedonian hit will also be 13th but during the first night of the semi-finals.

Hillary invites Talat in Washington

19 March 2009 / 13:03:28  
Athens and Nicosia are angry at the US administration, which is working for Turkish interests on the split island.

Breakfast festival in Athens

19 March 2009 / 13:03:27  
For a third consecutive time dieticians, endocrinologists, and producers will convince parents and children why the first meal of the day is the most important one.