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Archive - Mar 6, 2009

Sunsidies up to ?350 000 for small and average owners

06 March 2009 / 20:03:07  
In the following two months, owners up to 39 years old or women up to 55 years old will be able to apply for subsidies of up to ?350 000.

Athenians will ice-skate

06 March 2009 / 19:03:06  
The first winter skating-rink in Athens is finally a reality. It is situated in one of Athens luxury neighborhoods Glyfada and is surrounded by grass.

Businessman was detonated in his SUV

06 March 2009 / 15:03:36  
Atanasios Militzopoulos is a clothes dealer. The explosion tore one of his legs and seriuosly injured the other.

The problem with the Macedonian minority in Greece obtained international dimension

06 March 2009 / 12:03:38  
UN expert on minority issues Gay McDougall calls for Greece to give up on the fight about whether there is a Turkish or Macedonian minority in the country and to guarantee people’s right to define themselves.

Euro-integration - what now?

06 March 2009 / 10:03:49  
The financial crisis is threatening the EU integration. Countries like Ukraine and Turkey will be affected badly if Europe turn its back on them now.