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Archive - Mar 2009

March 25th

Brussels: Lower the internal debt!

25 March 2009 / 13:03:40  
Greek economy is entering into a supervision regime. The European Commission is afraid that the Greek internal debt will exceed 4.25% of the GDP in 2010.

Ship accident in Santorini

25 March 2009 / 12:03:31  
No victims, only the second-in-command captain of the "Eolos Kenderis 2" ferry is mildly hurt. There are winds with 7 Beaufort strength on the island.

March 25th 1821 - the beginning of the 11 year fight for Greek independence

25 March 2009 / 12:03:02  
Angel Kabakchiev tells that the date is probably a result of a confusion or misunderstanding but it is celebrated as one of the two biggest national holidays in Greece.

March 24th

800 000 unemployed in Greece

24 March 2009 / 15:03:30  
Unemployment in Greece is quickly increasing and it is expected that it will reach 1 million people very soon. The proposal is to have a three or four day business week.

Second with dignity

24 March 2009 / 13:03:51  
Panathinaikos did not manage to win over Lokomotiv and ranks second in the European Federation volleyball Cup championship.

Pedro Almodóvar's muse will sing in Megaro Mouzikis in Athens

24 March 2009 / 11:03:51  
Luz Casal, famous as the muse of Pedro Almodóvar, will perform two concerts at the end of March in "Megaro Mouzikis" in Athens. The famous Spanish diva praises love and life in her songs.

Clinton denied everything about the Talat meeting?

24 March 2009 / 11:03:52  
This is what the president of the Cyprian-American Federation Panikos Papanikolaou claims in front of "Kathemerini" newspaper.