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Archive - Mar 26, 2009

Bulgarian golden girl takes over the Greek rhythmic gymnastics team

26 March 2009 / 15:03:12  
Kamelia Dounavska was appointed for a coach from April 1st. She will prepare the Greek girls for the 1012 Olympic Games in London.

Northwestern Peloponnese is like the Bermuda Triangle

26 March 2009 / 11:03:01  
Every year at least one tornado passes through that area. Yesterday two Bulgarians were swept in a storm and a third one is in a critical condition in the University hospital in Rio.

Women will work between 5 and 17 years longer

26 March 2009 / 11:03:38  
More than 100 000 women working in the public sector will be obliged to work between 5 and 17 years longer than they are working right now. This will be a decision by the European Court, which will be taken today.

Two Bulgarians died in a storm

26 March 2009 / 10:03:08  
Two Bulgarians died tragically today. They were travelling in their personal car, which was dragged and thrown on a car repair store, because of a sudden storm. The incident happened near to the Nea Manolada village on Peloponnese.

Top-model Vicki Kaya is the new "Morning Coffee" host

26 March 2009 / 10:03:09  
The famous top-model Vicki Kaya will become the host of the morning show "Morning Coffee" on ANT1 for the next two years.

Obama honored the Greek national holiday

26 March 2009 / 10:03:55  
Greeks managed to convince Clinton if not to cancel, at least to postpone her meeting with the leader of Northern Cyprus Mehmed Ali Talat, in order to be able to see her Cyprian colleague first.