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Archive - May 2009

May 31st

Secret mosques scattered within the Greek capital

31 May 2009 / 19:05:06  
The first promise by the Greek state to build a mosque for the Muslims was made back in 1880; up to now, however, this has not been accomplished. On the other hand, 26 secret mosques are presently functioning within Athens.

Economic Instability for Greece, the Economist Intelligence Unit predicts

31 May 2009 / 18:05:11  
As the Economist’s 13th Government Roundtable with the Greek government took place in Athens this past week, we review the Economist Intelligence Unit’s May update to their country report for Greece.

A week before the European Elections PASOK holds the lead within the margins of the statistical error

31 May 2009 / 18:05:45  
On June 7, 9 866 913 Greeks will vote for their 22 representatives for the European Parliament; the surveys place the governing New Democracy after the socialists, the competition for the third place is very close between the ecologists and the communists.

Time imprints on the body as seen from the eyes of Lucas Samaras

31 May 2009 / 13:05:20  

Once again the Greek visual artist Lucas Samaras works with untwining the topic about the body and wearing out, as it seems from his works names "Paraxena," which present Greece on the Biennale in Venice.

May 30th

Awaiting rally Acropolis

30 May 2009 / 18:05:47  
Ivan Kolev brings us into the atmosphere of the most prestigious Balkan automobile competition, scheduled to begin on June 11.

Ankara is tense because of the petrol-searches around Cyprus

30 May 2009 / 15:05:22  
The Turkish navy is on the watch for American company’s rigs within Cyprus’ waters.

Surprising twists in GRR HOT 15!

30 May 2009 / 10:05:33  
This week GRR HOT 15 is going to shake you up with many surprising position changes and two new songs. Modern retro rhythms are leading the chart and are the perfect start of a weekend. Modern and retro – two words contradicting each other but after all everything is possible and fun in the GRR HOT 15 world!