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Archive - Mar 16, 2009

Successes and disappointments on Dora Bakoyanni's road

16 March 2009 / 18:03:45  
Dora Bakoyanni is a memeber of the French Academy for Humanitarian and Political Sciences - the only woman equal to Pope Benedict XVI and the King of Spain Juan Carlos. She has the ambition to become a Prime Minister of Greece and this why Marina Nikolova wanted to remind you who this brave and decisive woman is.

Giant companies buy Greek researches

16 March 2009 / 15:03:08  
During the last few years more and more international companies from the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia are buying surveys “made in Greece.” Among those master companies of the global economy are the petrol giant BP, Total Corporation, Aramco, Repsol YPF and the car producer Honda.

Wireless internet connection at the “Peloponnesian Parthenon”

16 March 2009 / 11:03:30  
The visitors of the temple of Apollo Epikourios in the Messenia region on Peloponnese will be able to use wireless internet thanks to the new initiative for installing Wi-Fi systems on archeological sites.

"Hegemon" training annoys Athens

16 March 2009 / 10:03:43  
From today until the end of March, 5 NATO countries – Turkey, the UK, Holland, Belgium and the US are starting a big navy training in the Aegean Sea. Greece is not invited to participate in it.

The optimism of stock exchanges, the pessimism of the real economy

16 March 2009 / 09:03:01  
In Greece, prices continue to rise, consumers feel the inflation in their pockets and the government continues to increase taxes.