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Archive - Mar 29, 2009

Bulgarian women received minimal pensions in Greece after showing a rent contract

29 March 2009 / 17:03:47  
Many Bulgarian women received an additional 480 Euros to their pension without even expecting it in their wildest dreams. About this speaks lawyer Tatyana Griva in an interview for Marina Nikolova.

Afghan-African war in the center of Athens

29 March 2009 / 17:03:47  
The immigrants are dividing the drug region in the historical center of the Greek capital - one unjured and 19 arrested.

Spend Earth hour with GRR HOT 15!

29 March 2009 / 13:03:19  
Earth hour is today! If you care for the environment and if you don’t want to wake up one day and be able to fry an egg on your balcony in December, than join and turn off your lights today at 08:30pm! Save energy, light some candles and enjoy this week’s GRR HOT 15!

Stock markets rise, as Commission issues warning

29 March 2009 / 13:03:30  
Stock markets around the world continued their upward trend, with the Dow Jones leading the way with a 4.5% climb, closing at 7778 points on Friday. In Europe, the FTSE 100 rose about 0.2% and closed the week at 3906.7 points, with the German DAX also closing higher at 1.3%. The general index of the Athens stock exchange also registered important gains, closing at 1671.8 points, or roughly 1.4% higher for the week.

Greece vs Israel 1:1 for the World Cup in South Africa

29 March 2009 / 13:03:03  
Panic prevented Otto Rehagel's team to keep the victory as a visiting team.

Sakis Rouvas comes to Bulgaria for the "MAD Secret Concerts from GLOBUL"!

29 March 2009 / 12:03:16  
Sakis will sing a special duet with Galia and will present "This is our night," with which he will compete for Greece in this year's Eurovision.

Again African dust in Greece

29 March 2009 / 11:03:20  
It is brought by south winds, the phenomenon can be felt from today. Meteorologists warn that it will continue until Tuesday.