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Archive - Mar 2011

March 23rd

Rumours of state bankruptcy made many Greeks transfer their money abroad

23 March 2011 / 18:03:15  
According to the report the head of the committee for money laundering presented to the Parliament, even nuns have transferred their money abroad for fear of loosing it.

Doctors want their state hospitals and go on strike for the need of more staff

23 March 2011 / 16:03:00  
The employees of each hospital decided to protest in different ways - some were on strike for several hours, operations were canceled, brief demonstrations were held at the outside hospital consulting rooms, or patients were prompted not to pay the examination fee of 5 euros.

Tax breaks for companies that want to extract oil and gas from the Aegean Sea

23 March 2011 / 15:03:45  
Greece's ambitions to benefit from its fuel reserves have been on the agenda for many years, and it seem that the present government has decided, under the pressure of the economic crisis, to take more concrete steps in this direction.

Zdravka Mihaylova: “It feels like breathing in Greece is somewhat easier, but it may be delusional…”

23 March 2011 / 13:03:49  
The winner of the 2010 State Prize of Greece for foreign language translation said in an interview with GRReporter that it would be better if poets and intellectuals could change the world.

The "golden mine" of social media

23 March 2011 / 09:03:12  
They can be used not only as sources of information and fun, but could help revive the economic life of Greece shattered by the financial crisis.

March 22nd

Members of European Parliament do not exclude the debt restructuring of Greece

22 March 2011 / 21:03:22  
The European Financial, Economic and Social Crisis Committee visited Athens this week and met with government and opposition representatives, economists and businessmen.

The Troika: Greece is not able to support an army of 200,000 people

22 March 2011 / 20:03:17  
The military of five years of service to take on new obligations in other state services or in civil defence and forests protection, suggest the creditors of Greece and insist on dismissals. The troika wants the "deep" state sector to be cut by 30%.