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Archive - Mar 4, 2011

European socialists criticized the majority in the European Union and called for unity

04 March 2011 / 22:03:13  
Eight million jobs, development and balancing of differences between the countries of the European north and south say they can achieve by 2015 the European socialists, who met in Athens. Their alternative economic plan provides for the issuance of Eurobonds and the formation of a robust mechanism for mutual assistance.

Ethno hip-hop track will represent Greece at the Eurovision

04 March 2011 / 21:03:20  
Loukas Giorkas’s song "Watch my dance", which combines the heavy Greek traditional dance zembekiko with hip-hop got carte blanche for the 56th European Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in the German city of Dusseldorf in May. The performance of the Loukas Giorkas accompanied by Stereo Mike won the applause of the critics and the audiences with the song "Watch my dance" music written by Yiannis Hristodulopoulos and lyrics by Eleana Vrahali.

Young entrepreneur prepares "Architectural Wonder" in Athens neighborhood

04 March 2011 / 19:03:37  
Young Greek entrepreneur Yasonas Tsakonas, together with a team of equally young and inspiring Greek and foreign architects, plan an “Extreme Makeover” of urban space in the neighborhood of Keramikos. His story is compelling with the spirit of young and spontaneous guy who obviously has a sense of the possibilities afforded by time and circumstances and the courage to believe and invest in ideas.

Problem with starving immigrants divides government

04 March 2011 / 17:03:48  
The 38 day hunger strike of 300 immigrants in Athens and Thessaloniki has turned into a main political issue.

The threat for severe fines and the attempts to involve politics cause an outflow of the movement “I do not pay”

04 March 2011 / 16:03:07  
There is 30 to 50 per cent declined in the number of drivers who refuse to pay tolls. This registered the five concession companies that manage the Greek highways. The decline started from the moment of the voting on the measures that "criminalize" the specific violation.

The mayor of Athens showed strong spirit and attractive capital city

04 March 2011 / 14:03:06  
Large cuts in the municipal radio, public lighting, placing containers for recycling, promise to restore the historic center of the capital and a proposal for the registration of immigrants announced the mayor of Athens George Kaminis at his first press conference.

Last farewell for the fallen police officers

04 March 2011 / 11:03:52  
Thousands of relatives, colleagues, friends and strangers citizens sent to their last home the two police officers who died while on duty two days ago. The two young men supported financially their multi-member families.