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Archive - Mar 10, 2011

Greek banks are not afraid of stress tests

10 March 2011 / 22:03:50  
Although Moody's cut the credit rating of the six largest financial institutions in the country Greek bankers believe they can meet the new capital adequacy requirements set by the European Banking Authority.

The Port of Piraeus and the Greek border with Turkey are the gateway of peddlers’ goods to Europe

10 March 2011 / 21:03:41  
The sale of illegally imported goods in Greece only in 2009 is 20% of the illegal trade in Europe. The turnover of itinerant trade in the country amounts at least to 25 million euros and deprives the country of approximately six million euros in taxes.

Moody’s has cut the credit rating of six Greek banks

10 March 2011 / 20:03:17  
International analysts do not believe Greece will handle the debt crisis alone, those most pessimistic forecast 50% haircut of government bonds.

Тhe immigrants will be fed under field conditions

10 March 2011 / 18:03:02  
The immigrants who have been on hunger strike for 44 days begin eating soup twice a day from today. In such cases, feeding takes place in hospital in order to monitor the rates of magnesium, phosphorus and other substances in the body. However, now this will be done under field conditions, told the doctor that monitored the health of the starving immigrants until yesterday. In her words, they will be on a strict diet for five days and the next ten days they will be fed little by little.

Evidence for match-fixing in Greek football championship

10 March 2011 / 16:03:23  
The famous Athenian lawyer and president of the football team Panahaiki from Patras Alexis Kougias submitted to the court and the media evidence for match-fixing in the Greek football championship and for the appointment of specific referees.

The Troika notes "fatigue" of reforms in Greece

10 March 2011 / 15:03:43  
Credit Suisse predicts 37% haircut of the Greek external debt, the Prime Minister of Slovakia Iveta Radikova speaks of probable bankruptcy of Greece