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Archive - Mar 2011

March 2nd

Press conference on the starving immigrants on the boulevard in front of the Greek Parliament

01 March 2011 / 23:03:19  
On the 36th day of the hunger strike 59 of the immigrants housed in the Ipatia are in Athens hospitals and others have been on thirst strike for several days already. Similar is the situation of the immigrants in Thessaloniki 11 of which were hospitalized.

March 1st

Different opinions on whether only good can come out of building a mosque in Athens

01 March 2011 / 21:03:04  
Muslim population in Athens is growing and the need to establish a formal place for prayer is essential, and building a mosque can only have positive consequences. That was the statement of three out of the six people invited to the debate organized by the British Council in Athens under the project IQ2 Debate which was attended by prominent journalists and professors from Greece and Great Britain.

Kalashnikovs shot at policemen in Athens, two were killed

01 March 2011 / 20:03:01  
Two policemen were killed and two others were seriously injured after being attacked by three gunmen during a police chase. Four policemen from DIAS were chasing a jeep when suddenly its passengers opened fire on them.

Students in Paris attacked a member of the Greek government

01 March 2011 / 18:03:53  
The Vice-President of the Greek government Theodoros Pangalos became the subject of violent attacks by Greek and French students, and intellectuals in Paris. A group of young people launched verbal attacks to him and expressed their support to the immigrants on hunger strike.

The business calls to make efforts to oppose political and trade union opportunists

01 March 2011 / 16:03:00  
Businessmen insist on dead capital of state assets intensifying. "The Memorandum of financial support is much less exacting to the people than they should be to themselves," said the President of the Union of Greek Industrialists Dimitris Daskalopoulos.